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Default Re: Tomlin High on Mendenhall

Originally Posted by Haiku_Dirtt View Post
But Stewert faced a dismantled version of the defense that turned Zook's squad upside down. There were perhaps two flashes of Mendenhall where he made the USC defense look like Division II - no worse, like the Buckeye defense
I am SO glad USC took the home/home with the Buckeyes. You are a one trick pony constantly blasting the Bucks. What will your excuse be if the Trojans drop the game next year in their own backyard? Injuries? Conspiracy? Space Aliens? The fact of the matter is, the Trojans choke far worse than the Bucks. Look at all the high USC draft picks this year. All that talent, and they choke like little bitches every single year. I still have Stanford beating them IN THEIR OWN HOUSE as the most embarrassing loss of all time. Appy State beating Michigan pales in comparison because they are a quality opponent, albeit D1-AA. Stanford was just awful last year. Awful.

The Buckeye bashing got old a year ago...
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