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Default Re: 4th pick traded!

dixon was a very lousy pick. why even bother taking a pick at all if you pick crap like that? he will never be a QB in the NFL and he won't make the team as a WR. if they need camp fodder then recruit it on monday with undrafted people.

tony hills looks to be a walking injury. had a near-career ending knee injury in high school. then followed that up by breaking his fibula last season. according to further medical evaluation will be needed to get him a clean bill of health.

IMO, humpal is more camp fodder. he has no chance of making the team.

mundy wasn't even invited to the combine. more camp fodder??

why didn't steelers take all of their picks from round 3 to 6 and trade up? you can get special teams players on monday.

well like all draft picks, it remains to be seen. they could all be great players. the dixon pick is the one that sticks out the most. why choose another WR? but i did call it yesterday when i said don't be surprised if they pick another WR on sunday.
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