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Default Re: Bruce Davis DE. Why?

If they all made it, then we'd have a team that sucked every year... what with ALL the rookies displacing vets....

I don't know much about the guy. Remember, fun as this is, it's all speculation. There's no way of knowing if an undersized linebacker with a high-pitched motor is going to turn out to be Jack Lambert until they put on the pads. Some of the big name guys are going to be busts. Some of the UDFAs are going to be HOF. Will Davis turn out that way? My bet is, somewhere in the middle; a solid 5 year guy, is my guess.

But look how Harrison turned out. UDFA, 2 years on and off the practice squad, finally Pro Bowl, All Pro, and team MVP. These guys aren't frozen in stone on draft day, after all. They have some say in their own development.
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