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Default Re: Bruce Davis DE. Why?

Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
It's not that the guy is a bad player, it's that some of wanted something different there. We've been told all off season by Tomlin that the lines need to get better and then on draft day we don't see anything in that same vein.

It's frustrating when you see a team put $100 million in to a franchise QB and then put a patchwork offensive line in front of him year after year.
I understand, and I read it the same way you do. But it's more my nature to look at what happened and think, "Hmmmmm... why didn't they take any linemen?" Because the flip side is to think that they just forgot to, and that doesn't make any sense. They either thought that the guys available weren't that good, or that last year's problems weren't personnel related. I think it's probably some of both. I think not having a lineman capable of calling out the blocking assignments was huge last year. And a rook isn't coming in and taking that over.

All we can do is wait for the season and see. I posted elsewhere that I think adding the skill guys at 1-2 will go a long way toward solving line problems; I think there will be some guys open for BR at the 2 second mark, which will slow down the blitzing. Don't forget, with the patchwork line and all those sacks, we set a franchise scoring record, with very few defensive and st TDs. And we added two outstanding skill guys to that unit.
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