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Default Re: Bruce Davis DE. Why?

As much as I would have liked Red Bryant instead, we got a hell of a pass rusher.

This kid is determined to succeed, I'm NOT betting against him.

"People always tell me to calm down or tell me I get too emotional. No, no, no. This game is my life," says Davis, whose father Bruce Sr. also went to UCLA and won two Super Bowl rings as an offensive lineman for the Raiders. "As far as I'm concerned I owe this game everything I have, so every time I go out there on the field I let it go. There's no let up, there's none of that. It's just not in my wiring. When I was little kid, I asked my dad if I could miss practice to go to mall one time and I got smacked in the face. There is no room for complacency with me. I'll never take a day off."

Sometimes desire and determination overcome all those other negatives.
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