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Default Re: So how do you take the pressure off the offensive and defensive lines?

Originally Posted by Mosca View Post

NFL scoring record, look out. The 2008 Steelers are coming.
As much as I'd like to ballyhoo your enthusiasm I just dont see that happening. The potential is there on paper but are the Steelers thinking they could copy the Patsies "impressive" 2007 season? I hope not. Their super O hid their average (at best) old D and it got exposed by most everyone down the stretch. Offense may sell tickets but defense wins the big games i.e. NY Giants in this past SB. If the O can make enough plays to grab a 2 or 3 score lead early then there is no pressure on the D. So Tomlin cant turn down the O like he did so many times last year in the 2nd half and expect it to keep working. If the talent of Moore along with the development of Mendenhall and Sweed proves true then it could be a beautiful season to behold. Lord knows with the murderous 2008 schedule, any uptick on offense is needed.
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