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Default Re: Tomlin High on Mendenhall

Originally Posted by Steeldude View Post
an O-line without a single good player waiting in the wings. an aging D-line with no future starters or depth. those problems have now been solved by drafting a RB who will not start anytime soon.

hopefully mendenhall plays like a 1st round RB. meaning he should get 1,500+ yards. does he really have anymore potential than russell? all remains to be seen.

i wouldn't be surprised if the steelers select another RB and WR on sunday.
Does Rashard have any more potential than Russell? Are you kidding me? I hope your joking ...Have you ever watched Mendenhall? Didn't think so! Russell ever gaines 1600 yards in college behind a bad offensive line...where he had to do most of the work? NO
Come on man!

Steelerdude, do you actually believe Mendenhall may not start soon...this is the NFL where players are one play away from becoming starters because of Serious injuries. Where was Willie when we needed our star running back in the playoffs? On the bench from a season ending injury......
Also who would you have drafted at the Offensive line position in the first round? Please answer, because this should be real good. Put your GM cap on...Because there was absolutely NO ONE worthy of #23...the best Olinemen were gone long before we picked.
I can't wait for this answer.
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