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Default Game Notes: Vikings

Let's start this off by saying, this was the 2nd game in a row of what Steeler Football really means. We pounded the rush, and only threw the ball 15 times. The offensive line was questionable at times, but overall they played a decent game. The running game was a bit of an issue. Their was hardly any holes all game, and the vikings d-line penetration was good, but we somehow still managed to get 100+.

-For you Larry Foote critics, he had one hell of a game. Along with Joey Porter. I know one game doesnt determine a season, but this LB crew played like they should today. Do you still think changes are needed?

-Willie Parker, didnt do a whole lot other than those 2 big runs, but the holes just werent there today. Still managed a good 80.

-Ike Taylor. We have a star in the making on our hands, he has been solid the ENTIRE season. I think we finally found a shut-down corner we've been looking for. Had a fantastic game. I hope he sticks around pittsburgh for a LONG time.

-Big Ben. What happened? 10/15 isnt bad but it seemed like he lost a bit of confidense and got flustered a bit. We need him for the Browns game. That glove looks way to shiny, doesnt that glove scare anyone else? (fumbles). The pass blocking was fairly good, Ben was just indecisive and made them look worse than they played.

-ARE. You scared the shit out of me, but that 70+ return helped a bit. I'm still not sure if we should keep him for next year, but he can be a threat at times which always makes me think.

Those are my notes for the game, hopefully you enjoyed them. Feel free to share your opinions if you dont agree with me
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