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Default Re: Game Notes: Vikings

The Vikings defensive line got pressure and stopped the runs for the most part. Willie P. got most of his yards on two big runs but that's exactly what we expect from him. I think our team misses a big bruising RB like Bettis or Duce more than we realize.

Foote did well but I give the credit on the defensive coach who made the blitz calls. Joey? That interception was given to him. He's not a factor because he doesn't give 100% effort, it's like he's not even there. I would definately like to see improvement in our average NFL LB corp but I don't know where it could come from. I don't even think the top LB's in the draft are anything special.

Ike? I agree. Give him time and he should get better.

I wish they would keep Polo back more often. They try to blitz him up the middle but it never works. Send CB or LB blitzes instead and let Polo stay back and help cover the quick slants, run plays, and TE's.

Ben's didn't seem to roll out as much as he used to. I really think he is just beat up this year with injuries.

Randel El taketh away and giveth back. I would offer him a contract for about the same amount of money he earns now. If he wants anything more then let him go test the market. Either way we should draft a WR in the first round.
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