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Default Re: Draft Day Nearing and Stearing got a few questions....

Heath Miller TE...As for stud, I thought I should pick Colquitt as a punter, cause how do you mess that up, but decide to stay mainstream. I'm going to go with a sure 1st rounder, whose position is more important every year.

Charlie Frye QB...Franchise Qb have been few and far in the first 3 picked so I figure go lower. Frye has the size and stats and will not be expected to do as much, which might lead to a better career.

Marcus Spears DE...I don't want someone with multiple jobs and such, I wanted someone like Freeney. Just pin the ears back and go. So why not take a senior with size and speed who will be put in the "program" and given the responsibility on every play to "kill the quarterback"

Demarcus Ware DE/LB...I think two reasons. One, his name is everywhere on draft lists and mocks and don't hear anything cause he is from Troy State. Plus I think he falls cause he will be listed as DE but will go to a tweener spot to a team seeking a LB for a new 3-4 scheme.

Aaron Rodgers QB...Not cause he can't do it, but that you are the consenus #1 picked to rebuild the 49ers with no supporting cast. Good luck. I don't know if manning can do it.
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