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Default Re: Just watched the Buckeye's Spring Game...

Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
Returning starters is one of the most overrated stats in all of sports.

That being said, if OSU can beat USC in LA they'll be playing for a MNC again this fall.
Proposterous ridiculousness yet again. Experienced LB's don't matter? Returning DB's overrated (especially in light of the fact that they will be expected to play more man)? Returning offensive lineman don't benefit from playing together? Another year of starting won't benefit Boeckman? Wells?

It's almost like you just take the contrarian view to mine just to be a complete....ah...I better be careful. Nobody cries louder and longer to the mods than you...

Oh, as far as choking, USC is the king program for choking under Carroll. It could be argued that they choked against Florida (actually, they were just outcoached), but they simply lost to the better team last year. That's not a choke...losing to Stanford at home is a choke.
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