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Default Re: Just watched the Buckeye's Spring Game...

Originally Posted by lilyoder6 View Post
but sometimes aplayer shouldn't stay a yr more it could affect them in the draft.. but yes i see where it's good for the unity of line and so fourth.. but still 4 a team who has choked the past 2 NC them returning players doesn't mean anything to me.. except they may make another run but either A: won't get there or B: choke again
Again, how do you choke if you are actually losing to the better team? They MAY have choked against Florida (but, see...when I tried to say the Buckeyes were the better football team, the SECheads were all in a can't be both ways), but LSU was just the better all-around footbal team last year. It's absurd to think that a Bucks team in a rebuilding year (and they were in a rebuilding year last year) losing a national championship game is a choke.

The Illinois loss was a choke, though.
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