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Default Re: Steelers select Limas Sweed

I'm not saying he is the next Randy Moss, or that he is as talented. He creates a similar threat that Moss, Burress, and even Braylon Edwards creates. The Steelers have lacked a tall receiving threat since Plaxico left. With Ben finally becoming the elite QB we all knew he could be paired with a talent like Sweed, great things can happen. Opposing defenses won't know what to do, especially in the AFC North with the inexperienced, poor, or aging corners our rivals have. They won't know how to deal with an elite running game, and a passing game that includes Hines Ward, Holmes, and a 6'4 rookie with great hands. Also include Washington and Baker as slot receivers, and you have an offensive nightmare. The only concern is the O-line, but hopefully all the weapons Ben has will help out until we can address the line next year.
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