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Default Re: The Way I See It (For What its Worth)

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
First up - let me say how impressed I was by the general conduct of the Steeler and Bengal fans after yesterdays game - yes there was smack talk but I think it was all (or mostly) in good humor.

Hats off to the Bengals who truly took a big step to being recognised as a genuine force in the NFL this year - they are clearly on the up-and-up whereas the Steelers are entering a phase of consolidation.

Im not attempting to be any sort of forum-police officer, but they way I see it, if you are going to talk smack on an opponents forum after your teams wins then you really ought to be here to talk football BEFORE the game - not just show up after.

Its a shame that ICH has chosen to regress to childish baiting of forum members - what happened buddy?....I thought we had you almost reformed?

As a Patriots fan all I ask for is a little respect for my team - which I get 99% of the time - and believe me I know its hard to give any sort of props to a team that has ended your post-season the last couple of years.

Posters who are here to exclusively talk smack are pretty one-dimensional characters - Football is a great game and its nice to get the perspective of other teams fans without resorting to personal and team related insults.

Well - ive said my bit.....maybe others see the forum in a different way.


Well said. I cant believe I missed this thread until now. All points well taken too. Thee old "Don`t dish it out of you can`t take theory" LOL. Your are right though, either show up on a consistent basis, or do`nt show up at all. Even if you just show up when the Steeles play your team, show up a couple days before, and a couple days after. And when, I`m mean if, you lose show up and take your smack!
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