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Default Re: Steelers do not control their own destiny

Originally Posted by Suitanim
Holy Christ, let's not split hairs. There is a TINY chance that the Steelers don't make the playoffs at 11-5, but it's not worth mentioning. We win out and we are in...
The chance of the Steelers not making the playoffs at 11-5 is more than tiny and here is why.

1. Unless LT's ankle is badly hurt, does anyone believe he will not run at will on KC this weekend after Tiki Barber was made to look like the second coming of Emmitt Smith on Saturday against the "tackling" of KC? Chiefs are for some reason favored by 1 point but I bet Chargers win their last 2 games against KC and Denver to finish 11-5.

2. Jax looked horrible against the 49ers. If the Jags win at Houston this weekend, I believe they clinch a playoff berth, presumably would rest starters for their last regular season game against Tennesee, and might not even mind finishing up as the #6 rather than #5 seed to avoid going to New England in the first playoff round. Alternatively, the Jags were bad enough yesterday that losing to the Texans is not out of the question. Put it all together and I see the Jags at 11-5.

3. Due to the Jax loss (the first Maddox fiasco game), Steelers lose a three way tie to Jax and Chargers. This gets back to the Jax loss potentially being a season killer; Maddox admittedly was horrible in that game, but unlike the Baltimore game Cowher could have pulled Maddox for Batch and refused to do so, an act of stubborness that was compounded by not running Bettis in OT when the kickoff return already had the Steelers in FG range prior to Maddox fumbling the snap.

If the Steelers get beaten out by the Chargers it will be disappointing, but the Chargers got it done in Indy, while the Steelers loss to Indy was one of three games in a row in which the Steelers failed to bring their A game (losing to the Ravens even with Maddox was inexcusable) and may now have to pay the price.
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