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Default Re: Thank you chargers ??

Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity
Yes thats right.. not only did they knock the colts out of the ranks of the undefeated which is good. congrats to the Bolts !!!

And yes technically we should have all been colts fans today becuz a chargers loss would have given us the slightest bit of breathing room...


we dont need breathing room, we need to stay focused and win out. We need to realize continuously that no matter anybody else does we need to win out period. The last thing we need is the tiniest bit of complaceny to enter our locker room.

Keep the pressure on, beat the clowns, then beat the lions and we're in and its a whole new season !
We need more than breathing room - we need to avoid a three way tie with the Chargers and Jax, in which case the Steelers miss the playoffs.

Unless someone is more of a fan of the 1972 Dolphins than they are of the Steelers, there is absolutely nothing to be thankful for with regard to the Chargers beating the Colts.

Since I expect the Chargers to win their last 2 games we now have to hope a mediocre Jacksonville team, which clinches a playoff berth if it wins this weekend and will have no reason to then play its starters in the last regular season game, does not split its last 2 games and finish 11-5.

Thank you Chargers?! - I don't think so.
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