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Default LETS GO PENS!!

I have to admit that I just recently fell back in love with the Pens.

Back in the late 80's and early 90's I was at college in Rochester, NY. While there I developed a love for hockey. I went to as many college games as I could. It is more fun to watch live than football. I know that's almost criminal to say around here but for me it's true.

I'll watch football all day long on tv but hockey didn't seem the same. That is until I started watching it on our HDTV! Damn what a difference!

I've been watching as many Pens games as I can recently. It looks fantastic now too. On my old tv I had a very hard time following the puck but not now.

Don't get me wrong, I've kept track of the Pens over the years, but not nearly to the extent that I do the Steelers. I think though... that's changed.

My wife told at me twice last night to stop yelling at the tv because the kids were trying to sleep.

Anyway... These last two games have been especially sweet for me out here in Philthadelphia land. I get to listen to them whine about the losses! I love it!

Tuesday can't get here fast enough. This is gonna be even sweeter.
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