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Originally Posted by PisnNapalm View Post
My wife told at me twice last night to stop yelling at the tv because the kids were trying to sleep.
I'll bet you dollars to donuts one of those times was when the refs (and Toronto) put the kabash on that goal. My slipper didn't get its usual workout last night - I had to only use it twice. Once on that screw up by the refs and the other when that big lummox Hatcher face-washed Ruutu and Ruutu got the penalty.

I've been a Pens fan almost as long as I've been a Steelers fan (age 4) and I've been with them all the way through their lean years (and there were many) and glory years. It feels so good as a diehard Pens fan to feel the energy this team exuberates and the very positive outlook they have in future seasons!


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