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Originally Posted by PisnNapalm View Post
I tell you what... If I had an HDTV all these years I'd probably be as hardcore Pens as I am Steelers. We just got ours last year.

It's freaking crystal clear! Almost as good as being there... almost.

The kids were watching, of all things, Mary Poppins yesterday evening right before the game started. I walked in and changed the channel and promptly got chewed out for it. To which I reminded them that one of the reasons we have such a nice huge HDTV is so that dad can watch his sports in HD. They sulked their way upstairs to finish watching it.

To my wife's credit she didn't bother me at all except to tell me to keep it down a bit.

Oh and yes... I was hollering about that "non-goal" we got hosed on. That didn't get me in trouble though. Talbot's goal was one and Hatcher's facerip was the other.
Funny thing.. last night (well, the first game actually) was the first time I watched hockey in hidef as well. IT sure DOES make a difference. Though I was a little miffed ti was only broadcasted in 2.0 instead of 5.1.

Oh well... its not like I am spoiled or anything!

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