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Originally Posted by Edman View Post
I think some people are turned off by Hockey because of the long length of the season. Teams could easily make up a bad start to the season or a player injury that takes weeks or even months to heal.

This is not true for NFL football. If you start out 0-3 or worse, making the playoffs is slim at best. And games are once a week. A losing streak can kill a team's season. And in the playoffs, it's win or out with no second chances.
But then why are baseball and basketball "more popular"---they have long seasons too? I don't buy it. If football is your only sport that makes sense, but otherwise it doesn't hold water.

I wish I knew how to make hockey more popular. Part of it is lack of knowledge about the sport (in Canada everyone has an inate knowledge of it, like we do with baseball and basket ball----we all played those game in gym class if no where else)

Its kind of a "chicken/egg" problem. You can't teach people about the game without coverage of it, but they don't "cover" the game because of the small fan base. Ugh.

Perhaps things like the Winter Classic will help.
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