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Default Re: Those other hockey games that affect the Pens

Originally Posted by Petesburgh66 View Post
I am the only on not impressed with the Dead Wings so far in the playoffs.

- they needed six games to beat Nashville and looked shaky for a couple of games
- my crappy Maple Leafs could have steam rolled Colorado in 4 with all their injuries
- for a team that is suppose to steam roll over Dallas (they are out of gas from the Sharks series) and into the finals, they should of had the series wrapped up
- the most amount of saves Osgood has had to make is 21 in the playoffs. Nashville, Colorado and Dallas offences are meh.

Detroit will have a rude awaking when the Penguins play them. There D will be exposed. If that Swede wants to park in front of Fluery, I hope Hal Gill becomes Hal Kill.
I had not considered all of that, quite honestly. And after watching them tonight, it left me just as unimpressed as you. The Stars have ZERO offense outside of their top line, and yet they still managed to stave off elimination. They're still going to lose the series, likely in their next game, but I'm feeling better about the Pens' chances when they meet up in the Finals. And if Holmstrom tries to park his big ass in front of the net, I hope Fleury channels Billy Smith and hacks that big bastard down. He'd get a penalty for it, but it would send him a strong message.
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