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Default Re: Steelers Now Control Their Destiny...

Originally Posted by junglejimmy
Take care of your division and you wouldn't have to worry about the afc west teams.I hope you guys make it so we can finish what we started to be the best you got to beat the best ,and i hate to admit it but the steelers are the better team from the north but i think the run of the steelers taken the afc north is history .Bengals from top to bottom is way more better than the steelers.We are the champs and you guys are the scrubs man it feels great to be a bengal .Bengals Forever Steelers never Who Dey!?!?!?!?! gonna beat them bengals Not the steelers
If not for a couple of Maddox losses and your precious Bungles would still be where they usually would be. They are good this year, but don't clear a space on the mantel just yet, Bungle fan. Good luck, but shut up until your team can do it consistantly.

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