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Default Christmas Eve Poem

It was early Christmas in Ohio as I watched the game at home
As our Steelers traveled up north to play in the Metrodome

Steelers and Vikings both fighting for a playoff berth
But as Tim McGraw sang - "the Steelers brought them back down to earth"

Ending their win streak as the Steelers are known to do
While also breaking our indoor loss streak too

The score of the game doesn't tell the whole tale
The defense stepped up big and performed without fail

Steelers scored a field goal to open up the game
Pretty soon the Vikings were able to do the same

A messed up punt gave the Vikings possession in the red zone
We held them to 3 - and this would set the tone

We didn't let them score again - we totally shut them out
Finally getting back to what Steelers football is all about

Randle El's redemption was a 72 yard return that opened the door
For Big Ben to dive in the end zone and score

A last quarter safety delivered the final blow
To what the Vikings could call a miserable show

As the clock wound down and the game was almost done
We saw the Chargers had caused the Colts to finally lose one

While this may be bad for the Steelers with postseason impact
This still leaves all of Ben's records intact

As for the playoffs - different scenarios will keep your head spinning
All we can really do is keep winning

It's a one game season again this week
A win in the Dawg Pound is what we seek

Cleveland is playing well with rookie Charlie Frye
And for the Steelers it continues to be do or die

Steelers vs Browns - these games are never a cinch
They'd love to end our season - they'd love to be the Grinch

A win is the gift we want on this Christmas Eve
It's our way of telling Santa - Yes we still believe!

Edit: Credit to Mom, who provided assistance with the closing verse :-)

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