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Default My mom wrote a poem ... about me writing all my poems :-)

IThis must be where I get it from ... thought Id post it for you all. :-)

So proud??.

It was the week before Christmas,
And in the North, at my house,
Michele wrote her poem again, but
This time, with MY computer and mouse.

She came here to visit,
To see her folks for a spell,
But Sunday?s game, wouldn?t miss it!
And again, had her story to tell.

While searching for the right words,
There arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my rocker,
To see what was the matter?

She was writing so fast,
While remembering the game,
I knew in a moment,
My computer wouldn?t be the same.

She sat and she pondered,
And wrote down each line,
And came up with a great one,
Like she does every time.

Michele?s done this for years,
Each week a new story,
She knows the players and facts,
And talks of their greatness and glory.

It?s no wonder she?s like this
This team is loved by her Daddy,
There?s no other one like it,
And me, ??.I?m Pittsburgh Patti.

To someday meet her Black and Gold
And get to talk with them awhile,
Would be her wish this Christmas Eve
A wish that never would go out of style !

Love, Mom
December, 2005
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