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Default sorry this is so late

I was away on business the last week and a half so I wasn't able to post this eariler. The hotel I stayed at in New Mexico actually had this site firewalled for some reason. I didn't get to see the steelers bears game since I was on a plane at the time. After watching the highlights on primetime, I realized I didn't miss much. Bettis looked more like a semi than a bus. I've never seen anyone take out Urlacher like he did on one touchdown play. The steeler offense looked like pinballs, bouncing off instead of getting tackled. It was the worst performance by the bears defense since they blew the lead against the browns. From what I saw in the highlights I'd say the steelers dominated both sides of the ball. I'm sure the Bears crow is bad by now, so I'll take a piece of the crow you've probably been serving viking fans. Good luck the rest of the year.
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