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Default Re: I agree with Bayless on 1st and 10 (ESPN)

Originally Posted by Eztarget
The Steelers would most likely be 11-3 right now had Ben stayed healthy all year (12-2 if you take away the HORRBILE turnovers against Cincy). That said, playing as the #6 seed with 3 straight playoff road games just to sniff the Superbowl is a tall order for ANY team.

Add to the mix that Cowher has proven time and again he and his staff come up VERY small in huge playoff games and our chances ain't looking so good. After going 15-1 last year we needed a lucky break from a crappy Jets placekicker just to get to the AFCCG where Cowher again came up real small. Granted we had a rookie QB, but come next year that excuse just won't fly anymore with me.

I can see us winning one playoff game this year then going into Indy against a rested team with EVERYTHING to prove and getting our asses whooped. I hope I eat crow on this one, but that's just how I see it playing out ... (assuming we lock up this last spot which is NO guarantee right now).
i wouldn`t blame Cowher this season i f we come up short. Ben has a thumb problem, I really think it is more serious than we would like to think. I mean gloves indoors! He has some problems
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