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Default Re: Steelers Salary Chart

Porter is an average NFL LB but in our system our LB's need to be the best. But we are doing okay with them, not getting a lot of sacks or a lot of pressure on the QB's but we are still a top ranked defense. The main problem I have with Porter is his worth, he's not worth $5.4m this year and $6.6m next year. Twice as much as Ben? Come on. You know we can plug Frazier in there and he will develop into another Haggans or Harrison for half the cost. And yes I want an improved LB who can really get us some sacks but Porter certainly hasn't done it. So why continue to pay him $5 to almost $7m a year for the same performance that I can get from my backup who makes less than $1m a year?

Losing Kimo will really hurt.

Okobi, big question mark right now.

Keep Taylor, cut Colclough and don't even think twice about it. He's a backup, not worth $978k next year. He doesn't get to start unless someone else is hurt and he isn't used on kick returns anymore.

Randel El, I don't think he is worth $8m for 4 years. I'm sure someone will though but then someone thought Kendrel Bell was all that too.

I don't think Haynes is earning or worth $687k for what he does. If we do not draft an RB high next year then we may not have a choice but to keep Haynes around.

Carter plays once in a blue moon. I've only seen his name on the field during last weeks Vikings game. That's not worth $700k.

WR Martin Nance as our first draft pick should develop quicker than another because he was Ben's college WR. Tough to pass that up especially when ARE may be gone and we might have to start Quincy Morgan as our #2, or even worse, Cedric Wilson...
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