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Default Re: Paterno backs college playoff system, calls excuses for absence 'bogus'

The facts are, if you want REAL respect as a top program, REGARDLESS of what conference you play in, you need to schedule at least one perennial powerhouse school OOC a year, and you NEED TO TRAVEL!!!!!!!

The SEC schools play all their games within a few hundred miles of their schools, and avoid northern schools like the plague. I absolutely guarantee you part of the reason OSU is 0-9 against SEC schools is that they ONLY play them in the Southeast, since no SEC school is going to travel to the Shoe, and they only play the SEC in bowl games, and they are usually the underdog. Plus, OSU has zero interest in a Vanderbilt/Buckeye match-up, they want Bama or Florida or Tennessee, and those schools won't agree to a home/away series with the Bucks.

Sad but very, very true...
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