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Default Re: The Browns Suck Thread.

Originally Posted by RodWoodsonwasprettycool View Post
Nah, no prob.

I have the family legacy thing with My first fav. college Team Purdue as my dads from that area, and went to their games as a little kid. My grandpa went there and my uncle played Guard there. I mainly root for OSU as well because I want to have fun with my friends who pretty much agree with me on every other team. I hope that doesn't sound to bandwagonish. As for the Tribe I grew up during the World Series runs they made in the 90's and were my first introduction into the Sport, but i would've loved to see them in the 80's just to prove my fanhood of the team. LBJ=From Akron, my hometown area, so Cleveland being the nearest b-ball team and him playing for them is a no-brainer.

As For My Brownies, I was a fan, but when I was a kid, they left town, I remeber my dad REALLY hating Moddell and I remember being really excited about the Saints win we had in '99. I think I really became more of a fan actually when we were at our lowest and The Steelers were at their Highest, There were so many folks in my High School the week of Super Bowl XL that had so many BS and lame excuses all of a sudden that they were Steelers fans all their life and all this other crap, when they could not name more than two players on the roster, and we're mainly wearing the jersey's as a Fashion statement. That sorta really got me angry as I thought that was really pathetic to just jump-ship for the Rivals (I'll have to tell you some stories sometime about how pathetic some of these folks were in regards to being fans.). Hence why I'm not too high on Pittsburgh at the moment. I'll never bash a true hardcore Steelers fan though.
Don't worry that's not bandwagonish. As long as when they play each other your not flip-flopping who you root for, it's not bandwagon at all.

I understand where your coming from with the hate of Pittsburgh. I don't like all the bandwagoners that have jumped ship either. I am a big believer in picking a team and sticking with them through thick and thin.

It was starting to get that way with the Bengals around here. Before 2005, if you saw a Bengals fan he was from Cinci or Kentucky. And it was rare to see one. Then all-of-a-sudden there was an explosion of tigger-stripes up here....and fans said it was "okay because they are an Ohio team" to which I said was bullshit.

Be true to your team. Living the lows with them makes the highs so much better because of what you went through.

As a Browns fan, you may have more lows than I do....but I freaking respect every Browns fan that has put on any peice of Browns gear from 1999-2006. The 2007 year, the bandwagoners started jumping on. We'll know who's for real and who isn't if the Browns hit a skid during the year.

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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