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Default Re: Paterno backs college playoff system, calls excuses for absence 'bogus'

I think that Tennesee and OSU are in discussion about a home and away game.

We do play out conference games, we (uga) are going to play a top 10 Arizona State at Arizona State.

However, the biggest reason the Top SEC schools do not travel north to OSU or michigan is because we get all of the competition we need in our own conference. Once you throw in the confernce championship game its brutal. I am a georgia fan look at our schedule for 08. we have two cupcakes to start the season. Georgia southern is like playing youngstown state. but then we get cooking playing at South Carolina, going to Arizona State, then Alabama at home, then Tennesee at home, at Vanderbilt (but dam they have played us really tough the past two seasons, beating us once), then to LSU (you guys at OSU have heard of them - we play might get stuck playing them at night at home when the are pratically unbeatable), the very next week we play Florida, then we go to kentucky, then we go Auburn, then wrap it up with Gatech. IF we win our division we looking at a rematch with either alabama, auburn, or LSU.

So where do we schedule that OSU game. As of right now based on the preason top 25 - 50% of our games are agianst top 25 teams - We play 3 teams in the top 10 Florida, LSU, and Arizona State.

Sat, Aug 30 Georgia Southern Athens, Ga. TBA
Sat, Sep 06 Central Michigan Athens, Ga. TBA
Sat, Sep 13 South Carolina * at Columbia, S.C. 3:30 p.m.
Sat, Sep 20 Arizona State at Tempe, Ariz. 8:00 p.m. ABC
Sat, Sep 27 Alabama * Athens, Ga TBA
Sat, Oct 11 Tennessee * Athens, Ga. TBA
Sat, Oct 18 Vanderbilt - Homecoming * Athens, Ga. TBA
Sat, Oct 25 LSU * at Baton Rouge, La. TBA
Sat, Nov 01 Florida * at Jacksonville, Fla. TBA
Sat, Nov 08 Kentucky * at Lexington, Ky. TBA
Sat, Nov 15 Auburn * at Auburn, Ala. TBA
Sat, Nov 29 Georgia Tech Athens, Ga. TBA

what is sad is how the Big Ten is afraid of a college football playoff. heck they do not even have a conference championship game because the winner of the Big 10 is deecided when michigan and ohio state play.

The last two BCS title games cleary demostrated what happens when the two best teams from the SEC and big ten play each other. We simply kick their butts. You guys are starting to sound like browns fans (just kidding).
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