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Default Re: Paterno backs college playoff system, calls excuses for absence 'bogus'

That's one game. One game. And there was a whole huge post about it. What about the other 8?

And playing ASU in Arizona once is cute. The Buckeyes have tough home/away OOS games scheduled every year for the next 12 years, and have for the last 8 or so.

I also don't think the Buckeye's are "afraid" of anything. Why schedule all these tough OOC games if they are afraid. That's called "projection".

The biggest hole in your argument about the SEC being "tough enough", is what happens when it's not? This is all cyclical, and the SEC is, in fact, almost certainly headed for a downturn soon. See: Auburn. If they had scheduled even one tough OOC game that year, they'd have been a lock for the NC game.

And what happens if the Big Ten suddenly has a major resurgence? What if OSU's SOS suddenly jumps up to a top 10 level? Do you think they'll say "Well, we're gonna cancel all our OOC games because our schedule is tough enough"?
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