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Default Re: Paterno backs college playoff system, calls excuses for absence 'bogus'

Originally Posted by Dino 5 Rings View Post

But I don't like cry babies either. If Auburn would have played 1 or 2 BCS Conference teams instead of the patsies (CITADEL!!!!) they played, I'd be right there with you,
In fairness, they got shafted by an opponent (can't remember who) chickening out of the game at the last moment and forcing them to take whatever replacement was available. And I hate the warchickens with a passion.

JoePa wants a playoff because Penn State has been screwed more often than Britney Spears. And under the current system, the rules aren't consistent--which has always managed to work against Penn State.

I have a playoff system written up on my other computer. I would take the eleven conference champs plus one wild card. Top four teams get byes.

All bowls still exist--the Rose could take the Big Ten and Pac-1 runners up and still have both their tradition and an attractive matchup. The Sugar gets the SEC runner up, the Fiesta gets the Big XII runner up, etc. The major bowls would do a double hosting, ie the Rose gets the championship game and the Sugar and Cotton get the semifinals, and it rotates year to year. Just like one BCS bowl also hosts the BCSCG now.
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