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Default Re: Paterno backs college playoff system, calls excuses for absence 'bogus'

OK, found it. I used the standings from the actual BCS for this instead of my own ranking system (which would have had Mizzou as the wild card and shuffled the conference champions around a bit, but that's not important. Point is how awesome a playoff would be).

1) Ohio State (Big Ten Champ)
2) LSU (SEC Champ)
3) Virginia Tech (ACC Champ)
4) Oklahoma (Big XII Champ)
5) Georgia (Wild Card)
6) Southern Cal (PAC-1 Champ)
7) West Virginia (Big East Champ)
8) Hawaii (WAC Champ)
9) BYU (MWC Champ)
10) Central Florida (CUSA Champ)
11) Florida Atlantic (Sun Belt Champ)
12) Central Michigan (MAC Champ)

Round 1 (December 15)
(hosted by higher seed)

Central Michigan at Georgia
Florida Atlantic at Southern Cal
Central Florida at West Virginia
BYU at Hawaii

Quarterfinals (December 29)
(hosted by Fiesta, Cotton, Peach & Citrus Bowls under dual-hosting system similar to current BCSCG)
(Teams re-seeded)

8 vs. Ohio State
7 vs. LSU
6 vs. Virginia Tech
5 vs. Oklahoma

Semifinals (January 12)
(hosted by Orange & Rose Bowls)

8/1 winner vs. 5/4 winner
7/2 winner vs. 6/3 winner

Championship Game (January 26)
(hosted by Sugar Bowl)

New Year's Bowl games (BCS Bowls)
1) Maximum two teams from same conference
2) All non-playoff teams in the top ten automatically qualify unless it would break rule #1, in which case the lowest team is out.
3) The highest non-playoff team from each B(C)S conference
4) Any coalition member ranked higher than a <strike>B(C)S member</strike> team qualifying under rule #3 qualifies for an automatic at large bid.
5) If rules 1-4 result in more than nine autobids, the lowest team is eliminated even if it's the only qualifier from a <strike>NB</strike> BCS conference.
6) Pairings are based on traditional tie ins.
7) Conference rivals cannot meet.
8) At-large teams are selected by bowls on a rotating basis. Team with national championship game gets last pick.
9) If there aren't enough automatic teams the bowls can select any team with an at large, but no 9-win team may be selected if a 10-win team is available.
10) A team must have 9 wins.

Automatic Qualifiers: Mizzou (Big XII runner-up), Kansas (top ten/at-large), Arizona State (PAC-10 runner-up), Florida (SEC runner-up), Illinois (Big Ten runner-up), BC (ACC runner-up), Boise State (10 wins)--total 7. ASU and Illinois to Rose Bowl, Mizzou to Fiesta (tie in based on higer ranking than Kansas), BC to Orange, Florida to Sugar. Fiesta selects Boise State because of excitement generated by 2006 trip. Orange selects Kansas due to Big Eight history. With its options open, Sugar selects Texas because its large fan base will travel well and the matchup will generate good TV ratings. It has nothing to do with me controlling the scenario and sticking it to Tommy Bowden. No, really, I would never do such a thing, I swear!

Rose Bowl: Arizona State vs. Illinois
Fiesta Bowl: Missouri vs. Boise State
Orange Bowl: Boston College vs. Kansas
Sugar Bowl: Florida vs. Texas

The second tier of bowls includes the Peach, the Cotton, the Citrus, and the Gator (my scenario, so no idiotic corporate names). At least seven different conferences must be represented, and teams must have at least 8 wins (unless there aren't enough teams). The 8-win rule takes precedence over conference representation. Bowls pick 1/8, 7/2, 6/3, or 4/5 on a rotating basis. Peach gets first pick this year. Noparticular reason.

Peach: Clemson vs. Air Force
Cotton: Tennessee vs. Texas Tech
Citrus: Wisconsin vs. South Florida
Gator: Virginia vs. Oregon State

The remaining bowls operate on tie-ins, kind of like they do in the actual system. Six-win teams are eligible only after all seven-loss teams in their conference receive bids. If a conference cannot fill all tie-ins, they become at large berths, and a 6-win team cannot be chosen unless all 7-win teams receive bids.

Eligible 7-win (or more) teams: Cincy, Auburn, UConn, Oregon, Wake Forest, Michigan, Arkansas, Florida State, Kentucky, Penn State, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, Utah, Georgia Tech, Michigan State, Rutgers, Troy, New Mexico, Purdue, Fresno State, Tulsa, Indiana, Navy, TCU, East Carolina, Bowling Green, Houston, Ball State, USM, Memphis.

Six-win teams are UCLA, South Carolina, Maryland, Oklahoma State, Bama, Cal, Colorado, Louisville, Northwestern, Iowa, ULM, Nevada, and Ohio.

Bowl/conference pecking order:
ACC: Music City, Emerald
Big East: Sun, Intl, Armed Forces*
Big Ten: Hall Of Fame, Alamo, Copper, Motor City
Big XII: Holiday, Alamo, Sun***, Copper, Indy
CUSA: Liberty, Mobile, Humanitarian, Pineapple, New Orleans
MAC: Motor City, Poinsettia#, Humanitarian/Mobile**, International
MWC: Las Vegas, Poinsettia#, Armed Forces, New Mexico
PAC-10: Holiday, Sun***, Las Vegas, Emerald, Armed Forces*
SEC: Hall Of Fame, Liberty, Music City, Indy
Sunbelt: New Orleans
WAC: Humanitarian/Mobile**, Pineapple, New Mexico

* Armed Forces Bowl choose Big East or PAC-10.
** Humanitarian Bowl can choose first from the WAC or second from the MAC; other choice goes to Mobile.
*** Sun Bowl can choose Big XII or PAC-10.
# Poinsettia automatically takes Navy if they’re eligible.

Sun Bowl: Colorado vs. Cincinnati
Holiday Bowl: Oregon vs. Texas A&M
Las Vegas Bowl: Utah vs. UCLA
Emerald Bowl Cal vs. Florida State
Copper Bowl: Michigan State vs. Wake Forest (Big XII #6 not enough teams)
Pineapple Bowl Nevada vs. Southern Miss
Humanitarian Bowl: Fresno State vs. Houston
Liberty Bowl: Tulsa vs. Arkansas
Music City Bowl: Kentucky vs. Georgia Tech
Independence Bowl: Mississippi State vs. Purdue (Big XII not enough teams)
New Orleans Bowl: Troy vs. Memphis
Mobile Bowl: Iowa (MAC/WAC not enough teams) vs. East Carolina
Motor City Bowl: Bowling Green vs. Indiana
Poinsettia Bowl: Ball State vs. Navy
International Bowl: Ohio vs. Rutgers
Hall of Fame Bowl: Auburn vs. Penn State
Alamo Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Michigan
New Mexico Bowl: New Mexico vs. South Carolina (WAC not enough teams)
Armed Forces Bowl: TCU vs. UConn

16-team playoffs
1) Ohio State (Big Ten Champ)
2) LSU (SEC Champ)
3) Virginia Tech (ACC Champ)
4) Oklahoma (Big XII Champ)
5) Georgia (Wild Card)
6) Missouri (Wild Card)
7) Southern Cal (PAC-1 Champ)
8) Kansas (Wild Card)
9) West Virginia (Big East Champ)
10) Hawaii (WAC Champ)
11) Arizona State (Wild Card)
12) Florida (Wild Card)
13) BYU (MWC Champ)
14) Central Florida (CUSA Champ)
15) Florida Atlantic (Sun Belt Champ)
16) Central Michigan (MAC Champ)

BCS Bowls: Illinois, BC, Tennessee, Texas, South Florida, Oregon (rule #3), Boise State (rule #4), Wisconsin (suck it Tommy Bowden)

Rose: Illinois vs. Oregon
Sugar: Tennessee vs. Wisconsin
Fiesta: Texas vs. Boise State
Orange: Boston College vs. South Florida

Tier 2 Bowls--Original scenario had this:

Peach: Clemson vs. Air Force
Cotton: Tennessee vs. Texas Tech
Citrus: Wisconsin vs. South Florida
Gator: Virginia vs. Oregon State

Wisconsin, Tennessee, and South Florida got bumped up. Replace them with Michigan, Auburn, and UConn.

For the remaining bowl matchups, Michigan bumped up from the Big Ten berth in the Alamo Bowl, so Northwestern replaces them.

Louisville gets the spot in the Armed Forces Bowl vacated by UConn since they're the only team left from the affiliated conferences (So much for shafting them. See why it should only be 12 playoff spots?).

Give South Carolina the HOF Bowl berth vacated by Auburn. The New Mexico Bowl, which had South Carolina in my scanario, instead fills the at large bid with one of the last three bowl eligible teams (Maryland, Bama, or UL-Monroe). I'll give that spot to UL-Monroe based on the head to head tiebreaker against the gumps. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Nevermind what I said about Louisville. This was worth it!!!
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