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Default Re: Chad not like TO? *gasp*

Originally Posted by boLT fan
Wait a second. Let's just pretend for a few minutes you're 10 years old and idolize Chad Johnson (or some Squeelers player). If this said player gave you 100 bucks and said he was your best friend, you wouldn't consider that the greatest thing in the world. You would ask for $1,000 dollars and a Cadillac or something? Of course Chad wouldnt' give the kid a whole crap load of money, I don't think when that kid grows up he's gonna say "Damn that Chad Johnson, he should've bought me a house when I met him".
Huh? A 10 year old kid should not be the touchstone that you base a players character upon, especially a kid who just got a hundred dollar bill from a player who makes a hundred dollars a second.

It sounds like you just bought into the same bullshit that this naive and foolish kid did. He has an excuse...what's yours?
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