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Default Re: Chad not like TO? *gasp*

Originally Posted by boLT fan
Did you not read my post at all?

You're saying that Chad didn't give A TEN YEAR OLD KID enough money and therefore, is selfish. Considering he doesn't pay every single person that gets his autograph, it must have meant something to the kid. Regardless if it was $100, $10, or $1,000,000 you shouldn't consider Chad with a bad character because he didn't pay a kid enough money.

What gives Chad a bad charcter anyway? The fact that he jokes around before games? Celebrates touchdowns? Is almost always smiling and having a good time during/before/after games? What is it? I must be missing something.

Sounds to me like you just hate Chad becuase he happens to be on a team in the same divison as your team.
Paying off juvenille's is not a sign of character, it's what an agent says to do. I hate Chad Johnson because I am old school, and grew up on the likes of Stallworth and Swann...they scored some TD's, but when they hit the endzone, they, at worst, spiked the ball, but, usually just tossed the ball the official. LT is a good role model for you, as a bolt fan.

Chad Johnson is a hero now, because the Bengals are finally winning. Take away a player or two, and Cincy starts losing, and CJ becomes TO all over again.
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