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Default Re: Autographs = Money whoring.

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer View Post
Part of it is the player wants reimbursed for his time, his agent sets up the deal and gets a percentage of what the player is paid...and normally the reason you can't get in line without the purchase is because that's how the memoribilia company hosting it is going to make their buy their product to be signed.

I remember back when I could go to a Cleveland Indians game and get players autographs without a problem. Now most players won't sign because the people wanting the autographs don't keep them for memories, they sell the items on ebay. That is also a part of why it costs to much to get an autograph at an event such as the one Parker is a part many of those people are going to turn around and just sell the football on Ebay?
BINGO!! This is exactly why they do all this. They do not hardly sign because most people want the autographs for 1) selling on ebay or whatnot and/or 2) like an acquaintance of mine , they just want the autograph, not because they are a real fan. This really hurts the real fans who love these athletes. This is even spreading to the WWE Superstars. One time I saw an autograph session advertised for John Cena and you had to buy 60 dollars worth of stuff or whatever just to get on line to get his signature. Even the WWE Superstars (yes, I know alot of you probably do not like wrestling but it is still the same principle.) are starting to refuse autographs like the "real athletes" are. Sad.
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