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Default Re: Awesome Early Season Matchup!!!!

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
And USC lost to Stanford, a MUCH worse team than Appy State. And look at the SEC creampuff schedule again, there, Happy.

Citadel, Tennesse-Martin, Louisiana Monroe, Wofford, Western Kentucky, Norfolk State, Southeastern Louisiana, North Texas.

Shameful ignorance to compare apples and apples and claim one apple is an orange.

Newsflash: Nobody missed you.
And nobody would miss you if you got hit by a bus on the way to work today ya jerk. It's a message board. You're one of those guys who takes these things way too freaking seriously.

I pointed out where the Big Ten pads their schedule and you just ignore it because you're a blind Big Ten homer. If that's how you want to do things, that's fine by me. Only an idiot thinks the Big Ten is even close to the SEC. Pick any stat you want, Top 10 finishes, Bowl wins, draft picks, national championships, etc and the SEC smokes your precious Big Ten time after time. Your blind ignorance in this matter just ruins your credibility, not that you had much after some of the other outrageous stuff you've posted.
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