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Default Re: Awesome Early Season Matchup!!!!

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Conference strength is cyclical, and everyone with a tenth of brain realizes that. If I was you, (and thank Christ I'm not!), this would be the point where I would whine and weep and cry to the mods about "how mean rev is being to me".

They ALL pad their schedule. You are the one somehow claiming that it's only the Big Ten who commits a sin by doing it.
Being mean? Unless being stupid is being mean, I wouldn't say that. You're giving yourself way too much credit.

And as far as cyclical goes, a conference's strength is in it's coaches. Until the Big Ten can hire some decent coaches this side of Paterno and Tressel, they'll continue to suck hind teet behind the SEC and maybe even the ACC and PAC 10.
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