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Default Re: Prayers for me please

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer View Post
Hey guys, I am in a bit of a job dillema.

I work as a gas station attendant at the moment, and it's a crappy job. And to make it even worse, BP is franchising all of it's sites in Northeast Ohio so there is no gaurantee whoever buys the store I work at will keep all of it's employees, if any.

I want out anyhow, and this just makes it more stressful.

There really aren't any jobs out there, most want someone with experience because they don't want to train anyone. Therefore, I am thinking about becoming a police officer. It's something that I have considered before, not to mention it's a job that's always in demand.

So please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I try to make a desicion on what do do career-wise in my life.

Thank you.

I'll be praying for you brother. Since you are considering going into my field...let me give you some advise if you dont mind. Approach the job and the position with humility...nothing turns off a potential law enforcement employer like someone who comes in "playing cop". Be confident but be honest in your desire to be an officer but honest in the reality that you dont know anything until trained.

Good luck and feel free to pm me if you have any questions.
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