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Default Re: Guantanamo Bay = Jihad University?

Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
What makes this one so special?
because every year "united we stand" becomes more of just a catchphrase.

we are so divided with our current 2 party system we always have 50% of the people thinking theyre right all the time = 100% of a non objective nation, ( people please spare me, i am well aware that 3%-7% are probaqbly TOTALLY objective, as i feel i am) and the media is getting in on the act BIGTIME.

just tonight, o'reily was bragging about how much of the total percentage of advertising dollars foxnews gets opposed to msnbc. (something like 43% to 13%).

articles like this (even if 100% true) will automatically be discredited by "the other side" as rhetoric or spin.

Maybe McClatchey is an adulterer who belongs to a church and will be labeled a hypocrite because of it, to discredit him.

anyways, this is why i take these things (articles) worth a grain of salt. not this one though.
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