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Default Re: looking for advice

autism, as well as aspergers is very common. Forgive me for not giving exact research but i believe it occurs 1 in every 200 births. I remember reading in my past class that it may be as high as 1 in every 20 births for aspergers. I am 1 year away from obtaining a teachers degree and many of my classes studied autism. Many of the students that I met, (3rd - 5th) grade that have aspergers or autism seem to be among the smartes in the class if not the grade.
I have experience with a student this past semester while i was student teaching. At the beginning of the year he was in the top of his class. As the year went on he became withdrawn and hurried through his work loosing interest easily. He was moved into a lower level class while his parents were taking him to different doctors to see why his "attitude" has changed from second grade. The doctors ended up giving him a small dose of meds that the student takes everyday and he was immediately placed in the above level classroom again and actually became more outgoing than ever.
From a study point of view both autism and aspergers are very interesting and seem to take a differt effect on each individual.

It is a very common diagnoses among childreen these days and I am sure you are finding out that many young children are being diagnosed.
My suggestion is to find out as much as possible about aspergers and make the proper accommodation that will benefit your child.
I wish you the best and know that you are not alone...many young children are being diagnosed....and the medications (if the doctor recommends any) are very helpful.
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