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Default Re: Guantanamo Bay = Jihad University?

It's like Tony is reading my mind..........

When I was in the Marines fighting in the desert the first time we engaged these sheet wearing nutjobs I was direct witness to the way our government deals with war. Example..... Each Marine was given only 20 rounds(yeah I said 20) and had direct orders NOT to shoot until shot at even if it was point blank range. On one occasion we were taking sniper fire and were told NOT to return fire! So we sat there laying in the sand praying we would make it while this guy pearched on a water tower took shots at us. When he ran out of ammo he was taken prisoner. Then 2 armed MPs took him to the front of the shower line then straight to the front of the chow line so he could eat! Meanwhile US soldiers who hadn't had a shower or a hot meal in months watched the piece of shit who just spent the last 9 hours tring to kill us get first dibs on the very things we craved daily! And to rub the salt deeper, one Marine had to give up his protective gear against chemical weapons because that scumbag didn't have any. Imagine standing in formation and being told "one" of you HAS TO give up your gear to the prisoner! Man I'm getting pissed all over again......

Forgive my ranting guys ... got caught up in the moment........

Let's face it folks, bi-partisan government is a failed experiment. When you take a group of people and split them in two and tell them only one side gets the majority you instanly get the sniping and preverbial walls between them that we see everyday. In the end WE lose!

I have said it for years now....... Political correctness will be this countrys downfall!

I honestly thought that 911 was going to WAKE this country up. We ended up hitting the snooze button.

I'm glad to see that some of my Steeler breatheren are on the same page as me.

With the shit that goes on in this world today sometimes I look to the sky for that giant burning rock to bring us sweet relief from the insanity!
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