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Default Re: Guantanamo Bay = Jihad University?

Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post

That's the dumbest thing I have ever read on a message board.
So you believe the ridiculous amounts of back and forth argueing all the while coming to a stalemate is working to the publics favor? You can honestly say that adding a third party with an equal amount of power to the process is dumb? Your against having a government that doesn't jump on one issue simply because the other side doesn't agree? When was the last time "both" parties agreed on something other than thier pay raises? It's always left or right with no middle ground! If you are so closed minded to the idea that 3 parties puts an end to the left and right side standoffs and allows for issues to be voted on based on merit and NOT power play grandstanding then you are either naive or YOU are dumb!

Originally Posted by millwalldavey View Post
Once, when bi-partsan government failed, we ended up with Hitler.
Where did I say I wanted a dictatorship?!

Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
Iraq, Iran, the USSR, Cuba, and North Korea are all countries that don't practice bi-partisan politics.
See above!
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