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Default Re: Autographs = Money whoring.

Great discussion. I am new to this sight and I can tell you I already like the forum. Anyway to add to the discussion if I may - I just heard through the grapevine that a new type of memorabilia is coming out that may take the actual "Autograph" biz to the next level.

Personal Video Greetings. - You can pay to have a Professional Athlete actually tell you or someone you know Happy Birthday, or Great job or anything. I heard you would be able to actually write the script. The reason I know this is becasue rumor has it that The Bus/Bettis is going to be the first one to do this. As much as some may think this is over the top - I think it's pretty awesome. My son loves Bettis and I will pay to have him tell my son that he did a great job getting straight A's this year in school. He will freak!:) I asked around about the price and it looks like big names will run about $450 per personal, custom made video, sent to you on DVD. If I am off on the details here I apologize. This is waht I am hearing. I don;t think anyone is doing this at this point...are they?

Thought I would share - As long as they sponsor Steelers - Then I like it!
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