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Default Re: Autographs = Money whoring.

Well, I am an avid collector. And I'd say I've spent alot of money over the last 6 years since I started collecting. But to me meeting these players means more to me than any autograph. If I can get a picture taken with a player, that's the ultimate for me. And what's that picture worth to anyone else? NOTHING. I hate to say that in a way I agree with these players charging money. They get paid to play the game for their respective teams. I'm not an NFL contract expert, but I'm not so sure that it stipulates them to sign autographs on their own time for free. I know we'd all like that to be the case. But I do know that I wouldn't like for my company to tell me that I need to work off the clock. In essence that's what they'd be doing. And besides, let's be honest for a minute. People are very annoying. I've been to many memorabilia shows and some people are never satisfied. Always asking the player for more. I was lucky. Lambert has always been my favorite player since I was 4 years old. And I've been very fortunate to get more from him than the average fan. Whether it be pictures with my family or signing inscriptions that he doesn't for most people. Anything I've ever asked him to sign, he's signed. But I've also seen him tell people no many times. Always in a nice way......LMAO!!!

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