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Default Re: Autographs = Money whoring.

Originally Posted by BlastFurnace View Post
When I met Joe Greene once, all I asked of him was to shake his hand. At first, when I walked up to him, he acted a little annoyed because he thought I was an autograph seeker...his exact words were "I don't have time". I turned around and started to walk away and he asked me "What do you want"...I told him that I was a big Steelers fan from the 70's and all I wanted to do was shake his hand, he instantly got this huge smile on his face and said "I have time for that".

That means more to me than getting his signature on a piece of paper or picture.
I've been fortunate enough to see Joe several times. He was always my 2nd favorite behind Lambert. And the 1st time I met him he was less than amicable. Not sure if he was just having a bad day or what. But I had asked to get a picture with him and he said "I don't have time for that". Which I found funny he said the exact same thing to you. But the 2nd time I met him I asked again. And he said "it would be an honor" with a big smile on his face. And the 3rd time I met him, I had the pic of him an I blown up to an 8x10 and he seemed honored. I think it does get to them to think that people are there just to turn around and make money off their signatures. I've always thought Bradshaw was a jerk at these signings. His on-screen personna made me think differently at first. And Mel Blount let's his wife control everything. Or least use her as a scapegoat to say no. He wouldn't take a pic with anyone. And lastly, Swanny was just as bad as Bradshaw if not worse. This is all from my experiences....I'm sure some of you may disagree.

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