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Default Re: The Year of the Eagle

Originally Posted by ironcitychef
"(Plus people will think I a bamdwagon and traitor, two things I am not)"
"Patsies win 4th in 5 years and become best team ever"

Well you are well on your way BKA!
And HW if starting where you left off means thinking you are better off without important members of your franchise, then yes you are.
If they win 4 of 5 they will be best ever and I think they will....So how I am I a bandwagoner? Do I root for the Patsies? HELL NO! I hate em! But fact is, every year I doubt Bellicheck and every year he wins! So this year Im not gonna doubt him, Im gonna say he wins it all....Bandwagon? Check out my favorite team....

Theres a difference on who you'll think will win and who you root for.....
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