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Default Re: Buckeye Dan...

Originally Posted by Suitanim
I took the liberty of pulling a couple of your posts and searching them for signs of this “superior intellect” you keep touting.
I don't "keep touting" anything ........... once again you have it backwards !!

You are the one who claimed (I am not going to bother with a cut and paste here, so I'll recall from memory as best as I can) ...........

"It is fun knowing I am smarter than you" ........... or some such drivel as that !!

YOU started this bit, not me !!

You are sinking FAST suit !!

You cannot even pose a decent question, and you lay the blame for YOUR nonsense at the doorstep of others, among other evidence that you are a halfwit (and even that may be giving you more credit than is warranted !!) .............. shame on you !!"

This year, Pittsburgh is just gonna BLEED TO DEATH !!

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