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Originally Posted by UK CANDY BEE
I don't "leep touting" anything ........... once again you have it backwards !!

You are the one who claimed (I am not going to bother with a cut and paste here, so I'll recall from memory as best as I can) ...........

"It is fun knowing I am smarter than you" ........... or some such drivel as that !!

YOU started this bit, not me !!

You are sinking FAST suit !!

You cannot even pose a decent question, and you lay the blame for YOUR nonsense at the doorstep of others, among other evidence that you are a halfwit (and even that may be giving you more credit than is warranted !!) .............. shame on you !!"
Sinking? I've got you on the ropes...your whole thesis behind this inane "Can't ask a question" lies with the primary role of a NT being different than a DE in the 3-4, when all 3 share the same PRIMARY role, and you know it to be true.

Stop deflecting...back up your bullshit.
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