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Originally Posted by Suitanim
Sinking? I've got you on the ropes...your whole thesis behind this inane "Can't ask a question" lies with the primary role of a NT being different than a DE in the 3-4, when all 3 share the same PRIMARY role, and you know it to be true.
Quite the contrary, I know you are a dumbass who obviously missed the fact that I already addressed your misguided notion that all 3 of them are more or less corks in a bottle.

Tell that crap to any NT in the league and he'll likely laugh his ass off at you, kinda like I have been doing !!

So you may continue with this inane insistence that you are a football guru, or whatever it is you are claiming to be, but save it for some lobotomy patient who can't see through it and tell what a boob you are !!

This year, Pittsburgh is just gonna BLEED TO DEATH !!
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